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A new house in Atlanta raises the possibilities for roof-oriented design

Yale’s new display Adjacencies showcases models of Jennifer Bonner’s Haus Gables, an unusual residential project under construction in Atlanta.
A new display at the Yale School of Architecture, Adjacencies uses a multi-media approach to tell the story of assorted strange and tactile projects from 14 emerging firms around the country, and the show highlights a one-of-a-kind, ground-up residential roofing project that’s set to open in Atlanta later this fall. Haus Gables, designed by Jennifer Bonner of MALL, is a single-family residence under construction along the Atlanta Beltline and a playful and astonishing reinvestigation of the architectural zeitgeist using an exaggerated roof plan. The dwelling is broken down in detail at Yale by using a collection of bright models, drawings, and ephemera that unveil her design philosophy for this influenced and unusual building.

According to the architect, the project was inspired by Le Corbusier’s free plan and Adolf Loos’s raumplan — both residential design techniques that called for non-traditional interior spacing. Bonner’s objective was to “rework the spatial paradigms of the past” by arranging her design entirely around the roof. She designed Haus Gables, a 2,100-square-foot structure, with 6 gable roofs that form 1 elongated canopy. The unique shapes of the resulting ceilings developed an interior filled with oddly-sized rooms, catwalks, and double-height areas that are restricted to the steep ridges of the pitched roofs.

The concept for Haus Gables created out of a 2014 program she instructed at Georgia Tech School of Architecture, corresponding to an interview with Curbed Atlanta. Bonner worked with students to picture designs centered around individual architecture components. This particular exercise led Bonner to create her massive Domestic Hats exhibition for Atlanta’s Goat Farm Arts Center, for that she learned Atlanta’s various roof typologies and produced sixteen models with alternative roof types that pushed traditional domestic design.

While Adjacencies offers a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how Bonner specifically developed the Haus Gables project, the real life version is nearly complete on an 18 foot-wide plot of property in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. Not only is the design itself unusual, but so are the materials specified for the project. Most remarkably, it features a cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure, the second of its type in the United States, as well as prefabricated components that were quickly put together on site over the last year.

Landscaping Boulders – Huge Rocks for Cosmetic Landscaping

We supply a wide selection of fine, high-quality boulders so that you can easily be confident that you can get the product you want at a reasonable and affordable price. Be certain to ask about volume discounts, or if you’re a reseller ask for dealer or contractor rates.

Throughout Missouri, both property owners and businesses make Southwest Stone Supply their first choice for purchasing landscape boulders. And around the country, landscapers and landscape supply yards buy boulders at wholesale prices from us. Boulders are favored for the impressive statement they create in landscape artwork.

These magnificent stones are bigger and grander than your typical landscaping stones, and they provide huge strength, quality, durability and the sort of magnificence that comes exclusively from nature.

We carry both quarry boulders and landscape boulders in a wide assortment of sizes, shapes, surface finishes, and hues. So when you buy through Southwest, the procedure turns out to be easier for choosing the very best boulders for the certain size and design needed for your project.

Uses for Boulder

Quarry and landscape boulders are not just components of timeless beauty. They can additionally be purposed for assorted uses, for example:


Utilizing boulders is one of the quickest and simplest ways to significantly improve the look and feel of your landscape. And sometimes the placement of even a single impressive boulder is sufficient to draw interest to your residence or business. Or, you may want to create a grouping to highlight a certain area of interest in your landscape.

Retaining Walls

Because of the intense strength and durability of our boulders, properties in need of retaining walls can greatly benefit from these lovable giants. The look of your residence or commercial property is enhanced by their added texture and dimension while reaping the practical benefit of fighting the erosion of your soil.


Most property owners want to create a natural and peaceful setting for their residence. So rather than opting for traditional man-made seating in their landscape area, some will alternatively choose boulders as the perfect choice for seating around their natural stone fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, patios, garden areas, or any other place people may want to discover a place to sit.

Natural Redirection

Big boulders can be useful to redirect traffic in the direction you want it to go. There are likely areas around your residence or business where you don’t want a guest to venture. You can strategically designate limits with your boulders. And by doing so, you can usually encourage visitors along the preferred path you have defined. Their path will then have the feeling of being natural.

Safety Boundaries

Many of us own homes or companies that may be a little more exposed to automobile traffic than we are comfortable with. Large boulders near accessibility points such as play areas, parking places or walkways can behave as immovable sentries to supply a protective boundary to restrict a vehicle from going where it is not wanted.

Water Feature Highlights

Boulders can seriously update the appearance of the water attributes in your landscape. Their inclusion may even inspire you to create new additional features that will improve curb appeal and improve property value. Landscape boulders are frequently chosen to introduce serene cascades and to line ponds, springs or streams, and for dry waterway beds.

Why Online Services Are Insufficient When Filing for Divorce

Choosing between traditional and technological methods of divorce is not simply about cost.

Divorce could be simultaneously one of the most emotional and detail-oriented issues a person will go through in their life. The growing embrace of the digital world for cost- and time-saving online forms for divorce proceedings demonstrate how essential work of a family law divorce lawyer are for making sure a divorce is sufficiently handled. Unlike online forms, divorce could by no means be regarded as “one size fits all.” The available online forms are cookie-cutter and too generic.

Many different kinds of people get divorced. The only marriage an online divorce proceedings may work for are those which marriage was short and that also have no retirement, no assets, no property and no kids. For these marriages, an online form may be cheaper than hiring an attorney. However, this assumes the divorcing parties are savvy enough to follow with both the Family Code and applicable court rules. If not, one risks showing up to court to complete their divorce just to be informed by the court that they need to start over at square one. Even in these situations, it is often cheaper and quicker to hire an attorney to do the job right.

A quick search of Facebook, Craiglist or even Google will reveal countless sources providing “cheap, quick and easy online divorces.” Oftentimes they go by labels such as notarios. This is to prey on the immigrant communities, who frequently do not recognize that in the United States, notarios are certainly not certified to practice law. These services may claim that you could get a divorce for as little as $250. This is common in Harris County, which is unusual, considering the processing fee for a divorce in that county is a lot more than that. Sadly for people who fall victim to these scams, it usually costs more to clean up the mess.

One of the first steps in filing for divorce is often what trips up people attempting to do it without an attorney. This is the issue of service. In a divorce, just like in any civil case, the petitioner must serve the respondent with the petition. They must supply verification to the court of this with a return citation filed with the court. Improper execution of this step will restrict the divorce from completing. Often, the respondent can’t be found or is actively hiding. In these scenarios, I’ve yet to find a non-attorney who could navigate the procedural waters alone. Here once again, both time and money could be saved by simply contracting an attorney.

Occasionally spouses agree to divorce and even consent on how to separate their assets. If a couple is in this situation and one partner suggests using an online form, this raises a great reddish flag. Is the spouse hiding possessions? Are they attempting to claim separate real estate that should be community property? In many relationships, one spouse controls the finances a lot more than the other. There may also be educational or professional advantages one party has over the other. An attorney will be in a position to map the community estate and recognize any separate property. If the arrangement is truly as fair as the spouse makes it seem, this will be quickly confirmed by consulting with an attorney. Simply separating possessions without a professional involved is a slippery slope. Often these kinds of divorces end up being reopened by the court, if the injured party is in a position to employ an attorney in enough time after the fact. Once this happens, these cases become very costly for the litigants.

Top 5 most useful Payday Loans & Internet websites in 2020

For one reason or another, an individual can catch him/herself needing short term borrowing. Maybe your car broker, you need a treatment or you have to travel abroad, no matter the reason may be generally there are multiple options one can take in a similar situation. While generally there is a broad range of borrowing automobiles that can secure you the funds in a fast easy manner, it is key to keep in mind that they will also request a high credit rating.

Odds are that if you need a fast loan for a little amount, your credit rating may not be the best. Take into account that even though this may solve your current situation, it can also put you in an even worse position if the loan is not handled appropriately.

Pay Day Loans are thought about by many as salary loans or cash advancements. the idea behind them is to secure fast or instantaneous lending with an extremely high interest rate. This will make up for the risk taken by the firm and it will also provide you time for you to repay your dues.

the general problem of this type of borrowing is that it is still an unregulated market where service providers utilize many various methods to remain outside of the law. It is fairly typical to see companies operating in the grey zone of the market, this allows them to discovery any regulation, making them risky lenders.

Even though it may sound a little chunk overstated, but you can catch many experts referring to this type of loans as worst than borrowing from the mob. When you Consult for a economic organization like a bank to lend you cash, you can be certain that even though you may have to deal with hard collectors. It is nothing compared to the harassment level that some of these companies may incur.

After suggesting all of this, it is important for anyone to comprehend that this type of loans may truly act as a savior in moments of extreme need. the key is to be as punctual and responsible as possible for the payments. If you are planning on repaying in 3 months, try to do it in two if possible, it may be hard to save the cash but it will be worth the sacrifice to be out of the debt as soon as possible. These are some of the companies that no one should expose to doing business with.

Please note that while the general market is followed by a bad reputation, it is important to comprehend that generally there are also legitimate companies with the interest of helping individuals in need. They are not the big majority but nevertheless, they exist. In this article, you will see some of the very best names when it comes to payday loans currently offering their services in 2019.

Just like any other economic instrument or vehicle, you should take your time to compare and analyze all the available options before making a decision. the market is pretty broad, so you should try to read as many reviews as possible in order to build a case for one specific provider.

Newborn Baby with Sturge Weber Glaucoma Saved from Permanent Eye Damage through Timely operations

A newborn baby was diagnosed with Sturge Weber Syndrome – a rare genetic condition impacting one in every 50,000 infants – by the doctors at Thumbay Hospital Ajman and successfully underwent 2 surgeries each in both the eyes

A 7-day-old newborn baby with Sturge Weber Syndrome underwent multiple vision surgeries at Thumbay Hospital – Ajman, to escape lasting vision damage. The surgeries were carried out by a group led by Dr. Ahmed Atef Abdelhamid Shabana, Specialist – Ophthalmology.

A rare condition believed to affect one in 50,000 infants, Sturge Weber Syndrome’s precise cause is not really known, but it is associated to gene mutation. It normally causes dermatological effects like a mark of the face usually referred to port wine mark, neurological effects usually in the form of seizures and eye condition usually linked to glaucoma.

The one week old baby’s state ended up being first detected by doctors of Thumbay Hospital’s NICU, who alerted Dr. Ahmed as soon as they detected clouding of the cornea, with symptoms indicating Sturge Weber Syndrome.

Detailed examinations revealed that the baby had discolorations on both sides of the face and the body, not a standard symptom of Sturge Weber Syndrome. What was even more alarming was that both the eyes of the child had elevated pressure inside, causing clouding of the eye. This too wasn’t like the standard glaucoma that comes with Sturge Weber, usually impacting only one eye.

After conversations with the pediatric neonatologist and the clinical neurology experts, and after performing all the necessary investigations to confirm the diagnosis, the staff led by Dr. Ahmed decided to examine the newborn under general anesthesia to detect the precise pressure and the extent of glaucoma. At the exact same time, the mom and dad were counseled and informed that if the examinations revealed symptoms of glaucoma, surgery might be carried out to treat it and to try and preserve as much vision as possible, as waiting lacking taking action might result in serious impairment of the newborn’s vision.

Why It is Important to browse Around for Your VA Home Loan

Buying a home will likely be your greatest life purchase. If you think back to your biggest milestones, like having a baby, getting married or buying your first automobile, you probably didn’t make decisions around them without a great deal of thought.

Buying a house is no different. But while home buyers often invest a lot of time searching for the ideal structure, they don’t invest nearly enough or sometimes any time deciding what loan provider to use for their VA home loan.

When you make the greatest investment in your life, you should browse around and find a home loan loan provider that will get to know you and your household goals, educate you on the purchase and be your partner through the whole process and beyond.

Good VA home loan lenders see their reputations as the foundation of their company. They can recite most regulations faster than their kids’ names, but are prepared to admit when they need to go back and consult the guidelines. They believe in making sure anyone they come across in the market for a home loan is confident and prepared for what’s coming.

Getting a home loan, including a VA home loan, often comes down to “you don’t know what you don’t know.” And in such a complex field as home loan lending, what you don’t know is often quite a lot.

And that’s why important not to just go with the first VA home loan loan provider you find. Take time to browse around for someone who recognizes you and the VA home loan process.

What questions should you ask when searching for the ideal loan provider match? Here are some suggestions.

What is your loan officer’s knowledge with the VA loan?

You’re not just searching for the dollar amount they’ve processed, but their number of closed transactions per year. If your loan officer is just starting out in the company, inquire as to their branch manager or trainer’s numbers.

What is your average “clear to close” time frame?

This is the amount of time it takes from the day they ratify a sales contract to the day the sign the papers making the home theirs. A great time frame is between 25 and 30 days. Ask about your loan provider track record, and if a closing is missed, who is going to ensure that your rate lock doesn’t expire. Pro tip: smaller lenders usually have much quicker turnaround time.

Soda Manufacturers Look For More Recycled Plastic

Coke, Pepsi, others encourage curb-side recycle pickup, oppose deposit programs in push to get Additional reusable plastic

Drink businesses with aggressive goals to use Additional recycled plastic in their packaging are facing a lack of discarded containers from recycle pickup programs.

Less than a 3rd of the six billion lbs of plastic most frequently used for Beverages bottles and food containers is recuperated by U.S. recycle pickup programs. Most of what is recuperated becomes polyester fiber for rugs and clothing or plastic sheeting. Just a fifth, some 330 million lbs, ends up in newer bottles and food containers.

Big Beverages-and-food makers will need four or five times that much recycled plastic to meet the goals they have set to satisfy consumer calls to waste less and reuse Additional, according to the Association of Plastic Recyclers. Coca-Cola Co. wants to use 50% recycled plastic by 2030. Nestlé Waters North America, a unit of Nestlé SA, is striving for 50% recycled plastic in its residential brands by 2025. PepsiCo Inc. PEP -0.43% aims to use 25% recycled plastic in all of its bottles and packaging by that year. Most of those and other beverage businesses use less than 10% recycled plastic in their packaging now.

But the volume of plastic for bottles—technically referred to as polyethylene terephthalate, or PET—has been stagnant for years.

“We have to increase recycled PET. This is unquestionably one of the biggest challenges in the U.S.,” Simon Lowden, president of Pepsi’s snacks group, said in an interview.

Coke, Pepsi, and other bottled-beverage businesses pay millions of dollars yearly to improve curb-side recycle pickup through groups such as the Recycling relationship. In Atlanta—through a grant of $4 million from the Coca-Cola Foundation—the Recycling relationship and city officials this springtime deployed teams of members to city neighborhoods to check recycle pickup bins for contaminants right before collection crews arrive.

Seven expensive client-Service Situations in Self-Storage and How to Handle Them

Self-storage supervisors often find themselves in tricky client-service problems. Here are 7 common scenarios you may face and advice on how to handle them in a positive way.
Stacie Maxwell | Jun 29, 2019

If you are a self-storage operator who deals with customers, you may encounter problems in which a client is unhappy and you are in the spotlight to fix his problem. Knowing how to handle these difficult interactions takes a bit of skill, a dash of knowledge, a whole lot of understanding and the ability to see things from the customer’s point of view. Here are 7 “deadly” circumstances you may face and advice on how to handle each.

1. You Made a Mistake or Must Provide Bad News
You receive a call from a client who was expected to move into his unit on Sunday, but the vacancy lock was not removed, and he couldn’t do so. Yikes! This is clearly a supervisor mistake, one that might even result in disciplinary action. To reduce the negative impact on the tenant and company, the at-fault party needs to react fast.

The first step is to put your pride aside and assess the situation objectively. How would you think if this happened to you? Say sorry and let the client know you think terrible about the error. Being truthful and letting him know you also would be upset shows empathy and understanding.

Then, let him know you are doing whatever is necessary to remedy the mistake, or that you are ready to facilitate contact with the appropriate parties. Tell him when to expect a resolution. Then, whatever you do, make sure the problem gets solved!

In the example above, the solution is to remove the vacancy lock as soon as possible and do what’s necessary to make the client “whole.” Did he spend cash on a mover or rental truck? You need to reimburse his lost expense or arrange to move him into the unit free of charge. Making the client whole is key to gaining forgiveness when mistakes are made.

The same process is applicable if you must give a client bad news. “I find that when you have to relay hard information, it’s just best to be honest and straightforward. I’ve had to do this with a flood and fire, and it is not easy,” says Tammy Hamrick, supervisor Vigilant Self Storage in Richmond, Va.

2. You Don’t Have an response
Have you ever faced a situation in which you did not have an immediate solution to a client inquiry or issue? Maybe you were new and still training. In any case, simply telling a client you “don’t know” isn’t acceptable. A better course of action is to tell him you are going to research the question and get back to him. No one can be expected to know everything, so this is reasonable.

However, it’s important to follow through in a prompt manner. If a bit of time goes by and you still do not have an solution, follow up with the client to let him know you haven’t forgotten him and are still working on a solution. Set yourself a reminder and reach out to the client either way. A quick e-mail works great for this purpose and produces a paper trail of correspondence.

3. The client Demands a Full Refund
Sometimes there’s just no winning and the only way to solve a situation is to give in. When you’ve tried everything and the client insists on having his cash back, the best thing you can do is give it to him.

Say sorry and let the client know you are initiating a refund request. Tell him when to expect the refund and by which means (check, a credit to his bank account or credit card, or even cash). Your company needs an internal procedure for processing refunds efficiently. You do not want to lose any goodwill you’ve gained in providing the refund due to sloppy and slow execution.

From a company standpoint, refunds aren’t ideal and can be upsetting; but as a representative of a reputable company, you should be ready to keep your word. Chances are, you’ll rarely need to make a refund of any type.

Greatest Wrought Iron Fence Styles for Residential

Throughout my stretch living in London, I developed a crush. On wrought iron fences. Stately, sturdy, and secure, what’s not to like? Although it is considered the king of fence components, wrought iron comes with trade offs. The cost and design may not be for everyone.

Read on for everything you want to know about wrought iron fences to decide if they are best for you:

What is wrought iron?

Technically wrought iron is a extremely low carbon iron alloy (as compared to higher carbon, and more “fragile,” cast iron) which is very sturdy and pliable, historically making it the iron of choice for shaping. Due to production breakthroughs and cost concerns, wrought iron is no longer developed en masse. The term wrought iron now commonly is applicable to any iron (most typically mild steel) which is hammered, turned, or bent into shape – or looks as if it has.

Real wrought iron is a commodity nowadays. Since wrought ironwork is developed by hand, small irregularities (as well as hammer marks) are usually apparent and valued as proof of the smith’s craft. While there may be small iron smiths that still create solid wrought iron work, it is hard to discover and hard to fund.

What are the benefits of wrought iron fencing?

Long Lasting: Wrought iron is an exceedingly long lasting product that will last for many years. Unlike wood, it won’t dry out, rot, warp, or deteriorate quickly.
Strong: Wrought iron fencing is much stronger than other common fencing materials. Due to the fact wrought iron is so hard to break, it is better than lots of other fences for safety purposes.

Wrought iron’s strength and toughness enable it to support plants (a built-in trellis).

Great Visibility: Wrought iron fencing styles have rails spread apart for a thin profile that allows the backdrop to be the focus.
Elegant, Classic Style: perhaps the most stylish fencing product around, wrought iron could be customized to be as simple or embellished as you like.

Best LED Lights of 2019

Light-emitting Diode light bulbs are the largest change in lighting since Thomas Edison created the first commercially-viable incandescent. LEDs are 90 percent more efficient than even the contemporary versions of Edison’s invention and can last for hundreds or even thousands of hours before needing replacement. LEDs also feature a wide variety of shade, brightness, and control that is simply impossible with incandescents. Needless to say, LEDs are the future!

But with all the LED products out there – some of which are excellent top quality and some very poor – it can be hard to find the best ones. That’s where LED Replacement Companies come in! We did the hard work for you, and we chose the best LEDs available for your home lighting needs. Our pick for best overall, the Philips Dimmable LED 4-Pack, is cost-effective, trustworthy even after years of use, and manufactured by a reputable and well-respected company.

Whenever choosing the LED bulbs that made it on our list, we assessed cost, company track record, and customer reviews to find the best the market had to offer. With any of the lights below, there is no doubt they’ll give you years of quality service.

Philips’ LED Dimmable 4-Pack are just about perfect. They’re not the most affordable (that award goes to Sylvania’s 24-pack below) and they don’t have voice activation like LUMIMAN’s smart LEDs (also below), but what they do have is a great price, excellent reviews, and a trusted brand to back them up.

Each of the light emitting diodes in this 4-pack enjoy an industry-standard 700 lumen count, equivalent to a 60-watt filament-based (though these lights use just 9.5 watts). On full illumination, they’re 2700K on the Kelvin scale (read about that inside the section near the end), so the hue is very similar to an incandescent bulb as well.

In effect, these lights give you the same illumination and shade of a traditional light bulb, but use about 85 percent less energy. Philips reports these lights will last 15,000 hours, or about thirteen years at three hours per day of usage. It also guarantees these kinds of lights for a full five years, one of the longest warranty periods of any LED on our list.

Customers love these light bulbs for the simple, long lasting design and the lights have great customer reviews overall. Some users noted that their sliding dimmer is now finicky – most of the dimming happens in just a fraction of the slide – but also note it’s a minor inconvenience, not a deal breaker.

If all the awesome reviews aren’t enough to persuade you these are the lights we’ve used in our own home for years!

Dimmable lights are all about flexibility. Want it bright while you’re doing work in the afternoon? Crank it up to full blast. Tired after a long day of work? Turn it down to a soft glow so you can relax with a bit of wine.

As such, you want a wide range of brightness and Great Eagle’s 6-Pack of Dimmable LEDs is the perfect solution. These 14-watt bulbs pack a significant punch in the brightness department, giving off 1500 to 1600 lumens (depending on the color you choose). That is nearly double the amount of light as the Philips Hue Dimmable 4-Pack above, and at a much reduced price. It’s bright enough to light up a small room – all from one light bulb. Of course, when it comes time to relax, you can drop that brightness way, way down.

These bulbs come in four different colors – Warm White (2700K), Bright White (3000K), Cool White (4000K), and Daylight (5000K) – so you can choose whether you want your home bright and peppy, or relaxed and low-key.

We estimate their lights to last 25,000 hours, which equates to an amazing twenty three years if you use them three hours each day. Except for the Hyperikon LED tube lights, this is by far the longest lifespan on our list! For comparison, the Sylvania 24-Pack below (which are the cheapest LEDs on our list) last about 11,000 hours – less than half of Great Eagle’s LEDs.

Besides that, they guanrantee their LEDs for 5 years, much longer than the standard three years most LEDs boast.

Unfortunately, a handful of customers have reported that the lights aren’t as bright as a 1550 lumen light should be. Nevertheless, with their low price, and even accounting for a little variance in the ‘real world’ lumen count, the Great Eagle lights are still a good deal for an well-reviewed, quality LED bulb.